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Open Thread: your responses to ONE FLEA SPARE

As we move into our final three (wow, already???) performances of One Flea Spare, we wanted to share some of the responses we’ve received about the story.

Gathered from twitter (some sent from our lobby twitter-box!) and facebook, we’ve been asking what moments, images, and words have stood out and stuck with you all, after seeing the show. If you’ve been able to catch a performance, let us know what things you are left with and what questions have been turning over in your brain since leaving the theatre! Leave your comments in this post or post them via twitter and include @forumtheatre or #OneFleaSpare.

@estone22 Mrs. Snelgrave’s hand, Morse cooly sitcking her leg out for Kabe… Have to see this again to answer all my questions!
@nevieb definitely morse checking with her hand for her “leaks” – didn’t even need to see the leak to experience her mortification
“and then he vomited up his stomach” is SOME kind of pillow talk
@sadcypress A bathroom break during the interval at One Flea Spare is a lot more self-conscious an act than anticipated. Just sayin. @forumtheatre
@futureworld84 I feel awkward and dirty. #onefleaspare
thegrimripa One Flea Spare is a wonderful show. Act one done so far and I am excited for act two. Great concept and sensual experience!

OpenThread: Inequality

As we lead up to One Flea Spare, we want to continue our season-long discussions on the topic of “Home & Origins.”

This week’s question is:

What are the glaring reasons for social inequality, today?


Share your responses below or in our Twitter feed.


Open Thread: The Power of Theatre?

Very interesting blog post from The Guardian titled “Subversion on stage: can theatre change the world?” focusing on the recent interactions/confrontations between theatres in Hungary, Belarus, and Iraq.

What do you think?

Belarus Free Theatre's production of Being Harold Pinter

Dark Play Open Thread

James Flanagan and Brandon McCoy

James Flanagan and Brandon McCoy

Thanks to  all who came out to our first OpenForum discussion over at H Street last night, it was a really great conversation.  We started off with a little exercise where everyone wrote their reactions to the play twitter-style, only it was 50 characters or less instead of 140—some interesting responses.  Here they are, in no particular order:

“Boys occupy time by testing the limit of power play.”

“Surprisingly layered.”

“This is why I had to play pussy wants a corner” or “Juxtaposing what we want with who we are”

“Does it make it real if we both pretend it’s real?”

“Amazing play.  beautifully directed and performed.  provocative.”

“If it wasn’t based on a true story I wouldn’t have believed it.”

“How we identify ourselves comes through more truthfully online?”

“No one is safe and privacy is extinct.”

“A revealing tale of the times we live in where anyone can appear & disappear on the internet and the detachment of the social situation.”


Ok so not everyone can count, but who’s counting?  From there we went all over the place, from the early days of internet chatting—back when AOL was pretty much the only name in town—to how social networking has transformed our online lives.  We talked about the addictive quality of living online, specifically the hardcore gamers who spend countless hours a week living another life in another world—we’re not naming names, World of Warcraft.  And finally we got into some other real stories in the media involving dark play, including the MySpace Suicide, the GQ story from the last entry, and the Vanity Fair article that inspired the play.  And last but not least, what conversation about our technologically saturated lives would be complete with out touching on sexting?

Thanks again to all who came out.  This is an open thread which means we welcome you to continue discussing the play by posting a comment here, whether you were with us last night or you saw another performance.  And don’t forget we have 4 more OpenForum discussions in person on July 19,23, 26 and 30.  See you in the lobby at H Street!

Open Thread: What will theatre look like in 25 years?

American Theatre, celebrating their 25th anniversary, asked several theatre artists  about their thoughts on what the theatre of 25 years from now might be like.  My particular favorite (for humor value) is David Cromer’s.

The Guardian also posted an entry on the subject and featured a few theatre bloggers’ ideas.

What are your thoughts?   How will things change?  Improve?  Deteriorate?  Jet packs?

MARISOL Open Thread

As we do with every show, we’re starting the online part of our OpenForum discussions about the plays.  As we close this production of MARISOL, we want to know what you think:  what images were you left with?  What did you talk about on the car ride home?  What relevance does this story have today?

….or, anything else you want to talk about.

Veronica Del Cerro in MARISOL

Veronica Del Cerro in MARISOL

Veronica del Cerro and Patrick Bussink

Veronica del Cerro and Patrick Bussink

Open Thread: Why Theatre?

Thanks to everyone who came out to the OpenForum discussion last night and thanks to Woolly for hosting us.  Great turn-out and a really nice range of opinions and ideas.

So, in the OpenForum tradition, we’d like to continue the conversation back here, on the blog.  Many exciting topics emerged out of last night’s event, but here were a few that we came back to time and time again—-what do you think?

–Should the government provide more, less, or no funds to the arts/theatre?  What effect will more or less funding have on the theatre industry?  Will more funding (and potentially more oversight) limit/censor what theatres produce?

UPDATED:  Variety just posted an article called Do live arts need federal boost?

–Can theatre become a mass-media industry?  Have we reached our maximum audience or can theatre become an equal part of pop culture?