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Even More Big News from Forum

Just in time for all of your holiday shopping needs we have opened up an e-store. The link will remain on the right side of front page of the blog. Look to your right. See it. Just above the search function. It will always be there. Whenever you want to buy a script for one of our productions, click that link. Whenever you can’t get a song out of your head that you heard in one of our productions, click that link. Whenever you want a new book on theater to read, click that link. Whenever you a wondering what the Forum Company members like, click that link. Seriously, whenever you want, click that link.

For every item purchased through our e-store Forum Theatre will make some money. So purchase and give.

Click here to start your shopping or just look over to your right and click over there.


The Return

The holidays are all about coming home.  So many details of life become about family and tradition.  Theater’s all over the country pull out A Christmas Carol and Forum pulls out The Last Days of Judas Iscariot. That seems about right.

Sunday night, I had a return. I’ve been up in New York for the past few months starting my time in graduate school. Heading home for Thanksgiving also meant visiting my theatrical family.  I knew that I was going to be unable to come back to DC in time to go to a performance of Judas but I knew I couldn’t miss it either.  My memories of the final performance were so strong, so emotional.  I remember I sat at the house left side of the stage against the wall in some extra chairs we had added for the overflowing crowds. I remember standing there with fellow company members and those who had worked on the show. I remember there being tears.

In theater you usually produce something and say goodbye, forever. It is rare you get a chance to revisit something, and it is rare that you feel the need to. Judas felt like something I needed to experience again.

Walking into the space on Thursday was like taking a trip back in time.  The theater repainted since I saw it last, the set I remembered, the lights, the chairs against the wall, the court room out of time. It’s all in my memory, in the past, and it’s currently there again.  Then the actors started entering. Some I’d seen more recently than others but, perhaps because of my New York distance, it felt amazing to see them all again in one place.  All but one that is, but I got to see Maggie my last trip down and am so excited for her, but Heather is a fantastic replacement, both in terms of her acting skills and her warm spirit that blends so well with the ensemble.

Watching the show, in their first run in the space, was an amazing experience. They were performing both in the past and in the present as they relearn what they know deep inside. I know that as the week goes on the performances will be fresh again and the experience for them and for the audience will be brand new. In that moment though it felt like we were all returning to something together. That something we were returning to was like being home, it was a joy.

Happy Bastille Day

On July 14, 1789 the French  prison the Bastille was stormed by the people of Paris. The Bastille marked a the beginning of the French Revolution. The day is still celebrated in France with fireworks and general revelry.

What you may not be aware of, is that only a couple of weeks earlier the Marquis de Sade was imprisoned within the Bastille. He was transfered days before the Bastille was stormed.  The story goes that on July 2, 1789, Sade called out of his window to the crowd that was growing at the entrance of the Bastille. “They are killing the prisoners in here,” he called out, attempting to incite the people below.

Want to celebrate the storming of the Bastille? The Washington Post has a listing of local events where you can celebrate all things revolutionary and French. Then join us later this week as we begin performances of Marat/Sade to see the affects of the revolution and view for yourself Sade’s abilities to incite the people.

4:45: Dinner Break Photos

A Look Into the World of Marat/Sade:



2:02 pm: A Personal Ad from Eric Messner

hi kids!  I want to say something more profound than “hi” and Hannah is forcing me to write something since I have the time.  This is Eric.  I play Jacques Roux in Marat/Sade.  First thing I’ll say is that this quite possibly one of the easiest techs I’ve ever been in.  There’s literally 4 light cues.  All the music is live and acoustic so nothing really in the way of recorded sound.  We’ve been working bits of the show and I’ve been splitting my attention between watching the scenes, and reading bits of the comic book “Y, The Last Man.”  I wish I had more to tell you about how it’s going today…I…ummm…had an iced chai today.  I usually get those when I’ve got a long day.  What else can I tell you?  I, enjoy running (when chased), and long walks on the beach.

1:32 pm: That Sums it Up

From Michael Dove:

We are currently choreographing a head up the skirt scene. Theater is the weirdest job in the world.

1:11 pm: A Five Minute Break

We’ve been doing mainly cue-to-cue work so far and by cue-to-cue I mean specific scene work, as there are really only two cues thus far in the show.

We spent a long time on the pre-show, before the show even starts the actors are working. In fact, it’s so entertaining we don’t want the show to start. “I could watch this all day,” says Michael. 

And. We had to stopped it twice to go back to the beginning. That’s right, the show hadn’t started yet and we’ve stopped twice. Just because it’s that much fun. Actually, Michael is standing on the stage now building the look that will end the pre-show. The look just before the ‘real’ show starts.

We make our way through a number of the music numbers and the fights. The things that need to be well choreographed. People are moved over in order to hit the lights and be better seen. Props are being figured out their entrances and exits also choreographed. 

Then it’s time for the break and a few of the actors approach my computer to share their own thoughts on the rehearsal so far:

Jonathon: It’s fun kicking Marat’s tub.

Joe: The work thus far has been an arduous journey of discovery and strife.

Parker:  ahhh…i love break time.  we’re working scenes and hammering out
specifics with transitions, songs, and other such necessary things.  joe’s right-
it’s arduous but necessary.