Open Thread: your responses to ONE FLEA SPARE

As we move into our final three (wow, already???) performances of One Flea Spare, we wanted to share some of the responses we’ve received about the story.

Gathered from twitter (some sent from our lobby twitter-box!) and facebook, we’ve been asking what moments, images, and words have stood out and stuck with you all, after seeing the show. If you’ve been able to catch a performance, let us know what things you are left with and what questions have been turning over in your brain since leaving the theatre! Leave your comments in this post or post them via twitter and include @forumtheatre or #OneFleaSpare.

@estone22 Mrs. Snelgrave’s hand, Morse cooly sitcking her leg out for Kabe… Have to see this again to answer all my questions!
@nevieb definitely morse checking with her hand for her “leaks” – didn’t even need to see the leak to experience her mortification
“and then he vomited up his stomach” is SOME kind of pillow talk
@sadcypress A bathroom break during the interval at One Flea Spare is a lot more self-conscious an act than anticipated. Just sayin. @forumtheatre
@futureworld84 I feel awkward and dirty. #onefleaspare
thegrimripa One Flea Spare is a wonderful show. Act one done so far and I am excited for act two. Great concept and sensual experience!

One response to “Open Thread: your responses to ONE FLEA SPARE

  1. During our OpenForum talkback sessions, audience members are invited to join Patrick Bussink, Michael Dove, myself, and members of the cast for informal, and usually, rousing discussion. OpenForum participants made the following intriguing remarks about the performances they just witnessed:

    Alicia: Morse’s “snapping” sound when the world turns upside down really stood out to me. It was clear that the world wasn’t going to shift back.

    John: I’m interested in how the socio-economic clashes, especially revealed through Bunce’s character, touch on the revolutions in Libya and Egypt.

    Florence: The scene in which the socks and shoes are removed and switched gives such a clear image of walking in someone else’s shoes!

    Jessica: There is a beautiful marriage of playwright, director, and actor when Morse describes shoving the bird in Lissa’s mouth at her death. It is incredibly visceral, sensual, and disturbing.

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