The Adventures of Carl the Penguin


My name is Carlyle T. Penguin.  You can call me Carl. I am long time fan of Forum Theatre.  We go way back.

As a little extracurricular activity for Angels in America I embarked on what will one day be described in the history books as an epic journey.  I traveled many tireless miles, via bus, foot, and subway to find some of the locations mentioned in Angels. From the Lower West Side, to the Upper East and the Bronx my journey was fraught with peril (I am a dog toy after all), but I have persevered *tear* and the photos from my travels are below.

Enjoy, and let a brothah know what you think,


P.S.  I labeled most of the pictures, but the two that I missed are St. Vincent’s where Prior goes for treatments.  But you can probably figure that out from the pictures…

Grand Concourse

Mormon Temple

D Train

Rambles 2




St. Vincents



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