Better Know A Cast Member: Brandon McCoy

As we shift into our final 5 performances of dark play, we thought we’d give you an opportunity to meet some of the players involved with the show.

We’ll start with our Adam, Brandon McCoy.  Brandon made his Forum debut in Marisol where he played many roles—most notably, as the ugliest man in a dress you’ll ever see (we still love you, Brandon).


Forum–Brandon, give us your online profile.

Brandon–I am originally from Huntington, WV…and attended Marshall University in my hometown. I moved to DC to pursue my MFA at Catholic University.  The very very best show on television at the moment is Dexter.  If you haven’t seen it…oh my god…do.  My favorite thing to do in the world is fish.  If I could make money doing one thing…it would be that. I think I may be the only actor in DC with that response!  By the way…go watch Dexter…NOW!

Forum–Tell us about dark play.  How would you describe it?

Brandon–I would describe Dark Play as a tight, funny, chilling, and heartbreaking piece of literary magic. Wow…we should have put that on the post card!

Forum–Tell us a little bit about your process in dark play.  What has been difficult?  How has the show changed after a few weeks of performances?

Brandon–I was terrified by this play…which translates to “Me want to do it”.  Now that it is opened and running…(WHY HAVEN’T YOU SEEN IT YET!!!!!) it is just an absolute joy to perform.  What is so great about this cast and crew…everyday seems fresh and new…so…although the show hasn’t changed greatly…I do feel we are constantly “tweaking” things here and there. I put Dark Play as one of my top two plays I’ve ever appeared in.  Period.

Forum– For those who are making it out to the show this week, where would you recommend as your favorite place on H St., outside of the Playhouse?

Brandon–S-T-I-C-K-Y R-I-C-E!!!  I swear to goodness…if it didn’t take 4 hours to eat there…I would eat nowhere else.

Forum–Tell us about someone else in the cast/crew.  Got any good dirt?  Or even…..a nice thing to say?

Brandon–Let me tell you a little something about about Jimmy (James) Flannagan.  Although it is in my nature not to like people of any kind…it is impossible not to like this guy.  He is one of the most…no…THE most generous actor I’ve ever worked with.  My first professional show in DC…I was cast as Guildenstern in Hamlet at Rep Stage.  Jimmy was the Rosencrantz to my Guildenstern…or…vice versa…whatever.  From this point forward…Jimmy and I come as a package deal.  Take THAT DC!

Oh and let me tell you something about Cliff Williams III.  He’s a teddy bear.  A teddy bear I tell ya.

Forum–And lastly, in the spirit of the play, Do U like 2 chill?

Brandon–Wow.  I knew it was going to come to this. Ummmmmm….if by chill you mean drink whiskey and make collages…then…yes.


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