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dark play: the postcard

Look for it, grab many, give to friends.  Repeat.

dark play postcard-1


dark play initial thoughts: cast

As our super-exciting Summer show develops in rehearsal,  we wanted to share some of the comments the cast had for the play.


dark play or stories for boys will feature Charlotte Akin (Valparaiso), James Flanagan, Brandon McCoy (Marisol), Casie Platt, and Cliff Williams III (The Skriker).  A pretty stellar cast, if we may say so, ourselves.

Here’s what they had to say in response to:

“What were your first impressions of the story/script when you first read dark play ?”
James Flanagan:

“The structure of the play is exhilarating.  There’s a seamless quality to it, a sense of momentum, that caught me.  I was surprised by the sense of humor maintained throughout the play; the story is intimate to the point of unsettling.  I was uncomfortable reading it; I’m excited to be working on it.  Which is a great mix.”

Cliff Williams:

“When I first read the script in early 2007 – I thought this script is so well written – that putting on stage would only destroy the beauty of the way I have it playing in my head.  Good luck Dove.”

Brandon McCoy:

“When I first read this script, I was taken in to how beautifully it was written. Dark Play is fast, tight, and to the point, and yet it maintains a steady flow and a contemporary poetic quality. It is shocking in parts, hysterically funny in others, and simultaneously horrifying and gripping, especially considering it is based on a true story.  My first read left me incredibly excited about the potential for a piece of theatre that I believe will take an audience on a journey that covers the entire spectrum of emotional response. My goodness…this is going to be fun.”

Forum Love on the Kojo Nnamdi Show

Nice mention of Forum on last Thursday’s The Kojo Nnamdi Show on DC’s NPR station, WAMU.  Kojo’s guests were theatre critics  Peter Marks and Nelson Pressley of the Washington Post.   The discussion was centered on  DC’s upcoming theatre season and how the economy is forcing some companies to make “safer” choices in their programming selections.  Mr. Marks cited us as “bucking the trend” for producing our most “ambitious” project to date, Angels in America, this Fall.

The Forum-talk starts just past 11 minutes in~

Kushner On Politics, Gay Marriage and New Play

Tony Kushner, the Pulitzer-Prize winning playwright of next season’s Angels in America has been featured in both a Newsweek article and a CNN interview.

ANGELS Playwright Tony Kushner

ANGELS Playwright Tony Kushner

The Newsweek feature focuses on his latest play, The Intelligent Homosexual’s Guide to Capitalism and Socialism with a Key to the Scriptures, and the connection of his past work to political and cultural events.  The CNN interview covers his views on gay marriage, Obama, Intelligent Homosexual, and the public’s view of him and his work.


Also, today’s NYTimes featured an article on Kushner: Cosmos of Kushner, Spinning Forward.