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Dark Play’s Murillo Wins Playwriting Award

Carlos Murillo, the playwright of our upcoming production of dark play or stories for boys, will receive the Otis Guernsey New Voices in American Playwriting Award at the 28th annual William Inge Theatre Festival, this Thursday.  The event will feature a concert reading of the his newest play, Diagram of a Paper Airplane.

From the William Inge website:

The Otis Guernsey New Voices Playwriting Award recognizes outstanding contemporary playwrights whose voices are helping shape the American theater of today. It is named for the late Otis L. Guernsey, Jr., beloved theater writer and editor who was a frequent guest at the William Inge Theatre Festival and a champion of exciting new plays.

Congrats to Carlos, from all of us at Forum!


Open Thread: What will theatre look like in 25 years?

American Theatre, celebrating their 25th anniversary, asked several theatre artists  about their thoughts on what the theatre of 25 years from now might be like.  My particular favorite (for humor value) is David Cromer’s.

The Guardian also posted an entry on the subject and featured a few theatre bloggers’ ideas.

What are your thoughts?   How will things change?  Improve?  Deteriorate?  Jet packs?

MARISOL Open Thread

As we do with every show, we’re starting the online part of our OpenForum discussions about the plays.  As we close this production of MARISOL, we want to know what you think:  what images were you left with?  What did you talk about on the car ride home?  What relevance does this story have today?

….or, anything else you want to talk about.

Veronica Del Cerro in MARISOL

Veronica Del Cerro in MARISOL

Veronica del Cerro and Patrick Bussink

Veronica del Cerro and Patrick Bussink