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OpenForum: An Unusual Talkback

So we’ve been super excited to be able to expand our OpenForum discussion series for Drunk Enough, adding a discussion after every performance of the show.  Because it has a short running time and it’s such an enigmatic and provocative piece that begs for analysis, we figured it was a perfect opportunity.

In case you’re new to OpenForum or need a refresher, here’s how it works:  we gather some chairs in a circle in the lobby and have a very informal conversation about the piece in which we focus on your thoughts about the play and what it meant to you. Other theatres do a great job of holding the standard panel discussions and Q & A sessions, but we wanted to create a new experience, something akin to a book club discussion, but for theatre.

After 2 weekends of shows, we’ve had some really exciting conversations going on in the lobby and we wanted to share some of that with you here and also set up an online space to continue the discussion.  So if you have any thoughts in response to the show or what you read below, please post a comment.

Here’s 2 questions we’ve used to get us started:

How did you respond to this play, knowing or not knowing that it is a piece of political theatre?

What does the play say to you about how we as individuals relate to another country?

Other stuff we’ve talked about:

–All the foreign policy references in the text lead to some confusion; and the need for the rather heavy research that was done during rehearsal by the director and cast.

–The different ways countries use charm and persuasion to secure devoted allies to support their cause.

–The disparity between the intentions and beliefs of a people and the government that leads them.


Picking Up Steam

Welcome to our new guests who are coming over from DCTheatreScene. After this week’s heated discussion over on their site, many of you have been checking us out, here at the Notes.

Heading into week 2, we are really excited about the audiences reactions and the great discussions after the shows. Patrick and Brent Stansell led a great OpenForum talk last night, which was the national Free Night of Theater, so welcome to all our new friends who gave Forum a try, maybe for the first time.

You’ll be hearing plenty from us in the coming weeks and we promise to be better about updating these posts now that the show is up and running. We are expecting a nice “endorsement” in the Washington Post tomorrow (we are being listed as a critics recommendation in the weekend section and our full review should also run on Saturday), so hopefully even more new faces will be joining us at the theatre.